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The dePaul School provides an alternative educational experience for children with learning disabilities, dyslexia and attention deficits in the Tampa Bay area.

The purpose of the dePaul School is three-fold:

  • To remediate learning weaknesses, bringing the student up to or above grade level in core academic areas
  • To educate students in all four growth areas – emotional, social, intellectual and physical, providing opportunities for children to develop into confident, competent individuals
  • To prepare students for their future educational placement by providing them with the tools and the confidence they need to learn with their disability

The dePaul School is..

  • Established in Clearwater in 1983
  • Non-profit 501 (c)(3)
  • Non-denominational
  • Full-time school for students ages 5–14
  • Five week Summer Reading Camp for school age students

Alumni Visit

What a fantastic day it was at dePaul -- we were fortunate to have 4 dyslexic young men, 3 of them dePaul Alumni, come and speak to our students. They shared stories and experiences - some funny, some poignant - and they shared tips and strategies for success in life after dePaul. It was so inspiring for our students to see these smart, motivated young men who all struggle with dyslexia. They are living proof that with hard work and a positive attitude, people with learning disabilities are able to succeed!

dePaul School BOD Votes to Add Medical & Retirement Benefits

One of the initiatives of the dePaul School for Dyslexia is to continue to retain and attract top instructors so we can continue to provide the high level of specialized instruction needed by our students with dyslexia. I am pleased to announce that the dePaul School Board of Directors has approved the addition of medical and retirement benefits to our employee compensation package for the upcoming school year.

Mission Statement

Helping bright children meet their potential.

The dePaul School for Dyslexia is an independent, not-for-profit organization that educates children with dyslexia and related language-based learning difficulties, enabling them to achieve academic and personal success.

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